Research News

1. Taking part in PRES this year:

PRES 2023/24 is a standardised survey across all CRN Networks so for the first time we will be able to take part in national benchmarking.

The survey is now live on SurveyMonkey.

PRES results from last year:

You will see from the last year’s results that primary care research teams in the North West Coast have made a significant and positive impact on those who have taken part in research. Take a look at the results.

Thank you for supporting PRES.

Invitation to take part in the Participant Research Experience Survey 

We are inviting you to take part in the Participant Research Experience Survey. This survey provides an opportunity for those who have taken part in research to share their experience which helps us to inform future planning. The survey results also help us with informing key stakeholders about the benefits of taking part in research. 

Clinical Research Networks PRES Survey Feedback

The Clinical Research Networks PRES Survey asked patients to share their experience of taking part in research. The feedback can be found below:

  • We have registered 93 responses so far in 2022-23 (74 Ashfields, 19 Kiltearn) and a selection of the responses:
  • 94.63% of respondents agree or strongly agree that the researchers valued their taking part in research. 
  • 94.63% agree or strongly agree that staff have always treated them with courtesy and respect
  • 92.48% agree or strongly agree that they would take part in research again.  

Some of the comments received were:

Communication was positive, open and respectful. I was fully informed of the purpose and process. My appointment was punctual and all details of the process were covered verbally in terms that were clear and helpful. I was well looked after throughout. It was a pleasant experience, wherein I was made to feel useful in my participation. Excellent, really.

Communication was very clear, the instructions were all easy to follow

The nurses are professional, friendly and fully explain everything that is happening

The Research Nurses, Janet Rhodes and Tracey Waller, have been excellent and helpful all the way through the process.

The time the research staff spent explaining purpose of the study and there was no pressure to take part.

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