Test Results


The easiest way to see your test results is by using the NHS App They are available to view as soon as they have been reviewed in the surgery. Each result is presented with a normal range and the comment of the reviewing clinician.

You can sign up or access it below

Non-urgent advice: Results

Please allow 4 working days for the results to return, with some specialised tests taking longer.

X-ray and scan results are usually received by the practice 10 days after the test was performed.

Tests organised by the hospital aren’t routinely copied to us and you may only get these at your next out-patients appointment.

We do not routinely notify you of your results as we process large numbers of tests each day and are unable to telephone individual results.

Your result will usually be discussed at your next appointment or you may receive a SMS/email/NHS App notification message from us about what to do.

If we receive an urgent abnormal result we will try to contact you directly so make sure we have a up to date contact number when booking a test.


If you can’t use the app you can ring.

If you haven’t received a message and don’t have an upcoming appointment at which the results will be discussed you can telephone for your result.

The receptionist does not have any access to any information that isn’t available on the app.

Please note results cannot be given to another person due to confidentiality reasons. Unless you have already requested this and it is recorded in your notes.