Looking after the Health of Sandbach


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Register at our GP Practice

The way we register patients has changed at the surgery. To register at our GP practice, please click here.

Contraception Request Service

If you have been taking the contraceptive pill for over 12 months, you can order your annual prescription by completing our order form. Find out more.

Making an appointment

Our highly skilled reception team manage all front of house services. They will ask you what your problem is in order to help you get the most appropriate response. They are trained to triage you to the right service/person and are fully bound by our confidentiality rules.

Test Results

Routine blood test results take 3-5 days, rare ones longer. We will try to contact you if there is an urgent abnormal result- so please make sure we have an up to date contact number. In most cases the doctor will discuss the results with you at your next appointment or you can ring after 2pm.

Minor Injuries & STDs

While we are happy to see sprains and strains if you think you have broken a bone or have a wound that might need surgical treatment you need A&E. If you think you might have a STD - Cheshire East commission this service from Crewe.

Self Referral to Physiotherapy

You don’t need to see a GP to book a Physiotherapy appointment. If you have a musculoskeletal problem you can self-refer to Physio by completing this online form. This will then be triaged by the Physio department who will be in touch with an appointment offer if appropriate.